How to make money from niche website 2020

If you are interested in start a Niche website of your own, but you not sure how to really make money from your website, read these tips and start earning cash!

adsense money

1. AdSense: Googles Adsense is an excellent way to make money from you website. Sign up for free, customize the ads you want on your site and add the code to your webpage. You will earn money every time someone clicks on an ad link from your site. The more traffic you get, the more money you will make.

amazon affiliate

  1. Amazon: Add products from Amazon's affiliate program. You can pick and choose what products you want to add to your site. You earn money if someone purchases the product by clicking through the link on your website.


  1. EBooks: Write an EBook and sell it on you website

It is very important to get traffic to your website! You will not make any money from you Niche Website if no one is visiting. Some ways to generate more traffic is to write and submit articles about your Niche and include a link to your website, exchange links, and submit your site to search engines.

Do not expect to get rich from a single Niche website. Honestly $1-$2 a day is successful. The secret to making more money is to have several Niche websites on the web.

If you have 50 Niche websites, and each makes $2 a day, you will earn $350 a week of passive income!


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