The traditional registration requires the user to submit his contact details for the domain ownership which are available through online WHOIS directories. For most individuals and small business owners this may not be a problem, however due to the increase of online frauds/scams from hackers the trend is going for complete anonymous domain registration.

The anonymous registration is just the first level of protection against spam, disloyal competition or identity theft.

Pay attention when you are picking your domain registar, a fully anonymous domain registar must give you the option to hide your personal details completely which means not only using WHOIS privacy but domain ownership as well.

How to get domain name anonymously?

For your domain registration you can trust CyberHour LLC is leading offshore hosting provider, we are the favorite hosting provider for many online businesses and developers. We aim for quality perfection, speed and security! The idendity of our customers is piority and we believe that everyone have the right to be anonymous for its online legal activity.

By using the CyberHour's anonymous domain registration we are giving you the choice to register the domain under our name. We will register the domain under CyberHour's identity without blocking the real domain ownership, which means that you are still the domain owner and you can transfer the domain to another domain registar at any time.

Note: An anonymous registration is NOT a green light for illegal Internet business. You as a domain owner are still legally responsible for your domain activity.