Since 2012 we aim to provide high-end performance and we are reinvesting a significant amount of our profit trying to exceed our customers needs. Our top priority Is the customer satisfaction. From the very beginning we always used the Intel’s most powerful XEON CPU for our servers. We are always looking , searching and testing new generation processors so that we can wisely choose the best one.

For our newest KVM VPS hosting plans we have take the decision to use the 2nd generation EPYC CPUs from AMD and we are looking forward to the third generation Milan.


Why we have chosen the RED side (AMD EPYC CPUs)?

After the events like Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities discovered the past two years, our in-house team has been working hard to find and deploy the best solution for more security which to prefect such events to impact our customers in the future (In order to patch the Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities we had to restart all nodes which also took our customers websites offline for the time of the patching and rebooting). Our team is monitoring in daily basis for any security issues and takes actions immediately to patch them once a patch is available. However, these patches are most often reducing the CPU performance which makes our servers slower. And, like we have mention several times, we don’t enjoy slow hardware! So, we had to take the decision to replace our future servers CPUs with AMD EPYC which are much faster and much more secure. 

We do recognize that Intel WAS the market leader in CPU manufacturing for years, but with the mentioned vulnerabilities along with the newest AMD chipsets it is clear that AMD is DOMINATING the market.



More about the security..

We, at CyberHour, believe that the security and privacy of our customers are one of the most important aspects that we have to focus on. So, reinvesting into good and newest hardware is our high priority. Among of the reasons for going with EPYC CPUs is that AMD implemented very high security in the hardware with clever security solution of separate secure chip.

Virtualization is meant to deliver full isolation. It is not a secret that this isolation can be put at risk due to different vulnerabilities of the CPU that may permit memory dumping and thus exposing decryption keys. Thankfully, AMD come up with a very clever solution to this issue.

The AMD EPYC CPUs are making one-step ahead by encrypting each virtual machine with a very unique key that is known only to the isolated with a secure chip element and the processor. This solution comes to ensure that even with access to the host, the RAM remains encrypted and cannot be viewed or dumped in any way, which means that all server data stays encrypted and secure!

We are really excited by We are using it for all newly activated customers.he fact that we have the chance to provide to our customers the best hardware, performance , reliability and security known today.

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