CyberHour.com Review and ToS explained.

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CyberHour.com Review and ToS explained.

cyberhour.com review

Hello folks,
With this blog post, we want to review cyberhour.com and explain our Terms of Services.

Reason for doing it?
When we keep receiving the same questions on a daily basis, it leaves us with the taste that something is wrong. Our new coming clients don't understand or don't even bother reading our Terms of Services.

CyberHour.com Review

CyberHour.com is offshore web hosting providers with HQ based in Europe / Bulgaria.
We are not resellers, and we don't lease our infrastructure or servers.
CyberHour's racks are colocated in the best and most secure Neutral Datacenters in the Southeastern Europe (Nettera).

Since 2012 and thanks to our premium service quality, we have become the prefered choice for many businesses and individuals around the globe.

We at CyberHour have simple yet strick terms of service.

Our terms of service applies to all services of CyberHour ( Offshore Shared Hosting, Offshore VPS Hosting, Offshore Dedicated hosting and Anonymous Domain Registration).

CyberHour's ToS are simple:

Don't Abuse our Network for:
- Hacking
- Illegal drugs
- Terrorism activity
- Phishing/ Carding
- Illegal pornography (Any type Child nudity IS NOT allowed)
- DDOS/ratting/Port scanning etc. activities.

Review the full list here.

Resource limitations:

Shared Hosting: We understand that a website can and will sometimes need more resources however, Users are not allowed to use more than 30% of the shared server resources for more than 90 seconds. Abusing the shared resources will lead to suspension of the user account.

VPS Hosting resources limitations:
With offshore VPS hosting users are getting dedicated resources; however, that doesn't mean that we want our hardware to be burned out! Users are not allowed to CAP the CPU resources for more than 90 sec.

What content do we allow?
We allow anything which is not forbidden by law and / or our Terms of Services.

We allow direct hosting and streaming of movie/video materials.
We allow legal adult content.
We allow TOR exit node hosting.

We don't allow direct hosting of video/movie materials on Shared Hosting plans.

CyberHour.com is DMCA ignored hosting provider, we ignore fake DMCA complains , we are also leading the anonymous web hosting industry in Europe.
Anonymous domain registration is our speciality and your Privacy is our priority!

Any questions? Don't hesitate to contact us.